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Version: 4.0.0-rc.1

Migrating to v4

React Native Elements v4 introduces many features including few new components, fully typescript support and some breaking changes whose migration is being given below.

Core changes

To use the v4 version, you first need to update the package names:

- import {} from 'react-native-elements'
+ import {} from '@rneui/themed'

You can install the packages from npm or yarn

npm install @rneui/base @rneui/themed

# or with yarn
yarn add @rneui/base @rneui/themed

You can also make alias for package to help you with migration.

yarn add react-native-elements@npm:@rneui/themed


Added a new background color to the colors object.

const colors={
primary: '#2e7d32',
secondary: '#757575',
+ background: '#ffffff',


These components are now using Pressable instead of Touchable

  • Avatar
  • Badge
  • ButtonGroup
  • CheckBox
  • Icon
  • Image
  • ListItem
  • SearchBar
  • SpeedDial
  • Tile

Pressable is a Core Component wrapper that can detect various stages of press interactions on any of its defined children.

This change would let you use onPressIn & onPressOut APIs in components, For example

title="I agree"
+ onPressIn={()=>{}}
+ onPressOut={()=>{}}
onPress={() => {}}

and the rest of props for Pressable can be added via pressableProps API

+ pressableProps={{android_ripple:{radius:2}}}

few other props (like underlayColor) will not be supported, you can remove them.



Please make sure that ThemeProvider is defined at the root of your application (even if you are using the default theme) and NO useStyles or useTheme is called before <ThemeProvider>

- <ThemeProvider theme={myTheme} useDark={false}>
+ <ThemeProvider theme={myTheme}>
<Button title="My Button" />

Create custom theme using createTheme helper

- const myTheme: FullTheme = {
+ const myTheme = createTheme({
- colors: {
+ lightColors:{
primary: '#f2f2f2',
+ darkColors: {
+ primary: '#121212',
+ },
+ mode: 'dark',

Since useDark is deprecated, you can switch dark and light themeColors using updateTheme function which can be access from useTheme hook.

Complete example of root of our application

import { ThemeProvider, Button, createTheme } from '@rneui/themed';

const myTheme = createTheme({
lightColors: {
primary: '#f2f2f2',
darkColors: {
primary: '#121212',
mode: 'dark',

const App = () => {
return (
<ThemeProvider theme={myTheme}>
<Button title="My Button" />

You can use props for components while defining themes

import { createTheme } from '@rneui/themed';

const myTheme = createTheme({
Button: (buttonProps) => ({
titleStyle: {
color: buttonProps.type === 'solid' ? 'blue' : 'red',

Thus when we use type='solid' in Button component, it will use titleStyle will have "blue" color.

<Button type='solid'>

Refer to Customization for more details.


Tooltip is one of core component of RNE, Since v4 this component would be stateless and would use visible, onOpen & onClose Props for its working.

+ visible={open}
+ onOpen={() => {
+ setOpen(true);
+ }}
+ onClose={() => {
+ setOpen(false);
+ }}
popover="Hey All"

You can still use Tooltip as stateful component by doing:

const ControlledTooltip: React.FC<TooltipProps> = (props) => {
const [open, setOpen] = React.useState(false);
return (
onOpen={() => {
onClose={() => {