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Version: 4.0.0-rc.1


Tabs organize content across different screens, data sets, and other interactions. TabView enables swipeable tabs.



animationConfigAnimationConfig{}Define the animation configurations.
animationTypespring or timingspringChoose the animation type among spring and timing. This is visible when there is tab change.
containerStyleView StyleStyling for Component container.
disableSwipeBooleanfalseSwipe disabled or not
disableTransitionBooleanfalseDisables transition
minSwipeRationumber0.4Minimum distance to swipe before the view changes.
minSwipeSpeednumber1Minimum speed to swipe before the view changes.
onChange(value: number) => anyFunctionOn Index Change Callback.
onSwipeStart(direction) => voidFunctionHandler when the user swipes the view.
tabItemContainerStyleView StyleStyling for TabView.Item Component container.
valuenumber0Child position index value.