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Version: 4.0.0-rc.1


Dividers are visual separators of content. Use Divider when you want to make a distinction between sections of content. Our divider offers adding inset, color, orientation and subHeader to the component using props. Also receives all View props.




Includes all View props.

colorstringThe color of the component.
insetbooleanfalseApplies inset to the divider.
insetTypemiddle or left or rightleftApplies inset to a specific direction to the divider.
orientationvertical or horizontalhorizontalApply orientation to the divider.
styleView StyleApplies style to the divider.
subHeaderstringAdds subHeader text to the divider.
subHeaderStyleText StyleAdds style to the subHeader text of the divider
widthnumberApply width to the divider.