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Version: 4.0.0-rc.1


When pressed, a floating action button can display three to six related actions in the form of a speed dial. If more than six actions are needed, something other than a FAB should be used to present them. Upon press, the FAB remains visible and emits a stack of related actions. If the FAB is tapped in this state, it should either initiate its default action or close the speed dial actions.




Includes all Button, FAB props.

backdropPressablePropsPressablePropsProps for Backdrop Pressable
childrenReactChild[] and ReactNodeSpeedDial Action as children.
isOpenbooleanOpens the action stack.
onCloseFunctionFunctionCallback fired when the component requests to be closed.
onOpenFunctionFunctionCallback fired when the component requests to be open.
openIconIconNodeIcon shown on FAB when action stack is open.
overlayColorstringAdd overlay color to the speed dial.
transitionDurationnumber150The duration for the transition, in milliseconds.