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React Native Elements versions

New versions of this project are released ever so often. You will see versions here for releases that either contain features or breaking changes. Since patch releases have no changes to the api, they aren't posted here.

Bleeding Edge (Stable)

Contains changes that are up and coming in the next feature release.


Pre-release versions

May sometimes introduce new changes that might break existing functionality.

4.0.0-beta.0ComponentsRelease Notes

Current version (Released)

This is the version that is configured automatically when you first install this project.

4.0.0-rc.8ComponentsRelease Notes

Past Versions

Here you can find documentation for previous versions of React Native Elements.

4.0.0-rc.7ComponentsRelease Notes
4.0.0-rc.6ComponentsRelease Notes
4.0.0-rc.5ComponentsRelease Notes
4.0.0-rc.4ComponentsRelease Notes
4.0.0-rc.3ComponentsRelease Notes
4.0.0-rc.2ComponentsRelease Notes
4.0.0-rc.1ComponentsRelease Notes
3.4.2ComponentsRelease Notes
2.3.2ComponentsRelease Notes
1.2.0ComponentsRelease Notes