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Version: 4.0.0-rc.5


Tiles like Cards, are a convenient way to display related content about a single subject. Also receives all TouchableNativeFeedback (Android) or TouchableOpacity (iOS) props.


import { Tile } from "@rneui/themed";




Includes all View props.

ImageComponenttypeof ComponentRNE ImageCustom ImageComponent for Tile.
activeOpacitynumberNumber passed to control opacity on press.
captionReactNodeText inside the tilt when tile is featured.
captionStyleText StyleStyling for the caption (optional); You only use this if caption is a string.
containerStyleView StyleStyling for the outer tile container.
contentContainerStyleView StyleStyling for bottom container when not featured tile.
featuredbooleanChanges the look of the tile.
heightnumber'width/2'Height for the tile.
iconIconObjectIcon Component Props.
iconContainerStyleView StyleStyling for the outer icon container.
imageContainerStyleView StyleStyling for the image.
imagePropsImageProps(Object){}Optional properties to pass to the image if provided e.g "resizeMode".
imageSrcstring | ImageSourcePropTypeSource for the image.
overlayContainerStyleView StyleStyling for the overlay container when using featured tile.
titlestringText inside the tile.
titleNumberOfLinesnumberNumber of lines for Title.
titleStyleText StyleStyling for the title.
widthnumber'screen width'Width for the tile.