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React Native Elements 1.0

Β· 8 min read

React Native Elements has UI elements that are easy to use & really customizable. It also has theming, platform specific search bars, React Native Web support, and much more.

It's finally here! Let's put our hands together and welcome React Native Elements 1.0 πŸŽ‰

This release is centered around making RNE components that everyone loves more intuitive to use & stable. This is not to say that all the work is done, but this is definitely a giant leap in the right direction and one that we have been working on for over a year.

I want like to say thank you to our users for using RNE and giving us feedback through issues on the repo and also the contributors who have the taken time to contribute and help improve RNE together. Finally, I'd like to say a big thanks to Kyle Roach and Xavier VillelΓ©gier without whom this project would not have been as awesome as it is today!!

This blog post is meant to serve as a migration guide for upgrading to react-native-elements: "^1.0.0" from 0.19.1 and also a way to document and share all the breaking changes, new features and other improvements in this release. For those updating from 1.0.0-beta7 you can view those release notes here.

The wait is over!! Get excited, cause we certainly are. 14K 🌟 and counting...


First, install the library using your favorite package manager: yarn add react-native-elements

Also if you are using an older version, just update the react-native-elements version in package.json to ^1.0.0

Breaking changes​

  • Updated all components that have the component prop to Component prop as per convention (#1479)

  • Some colors have been removed from the colors file and some changed. Here's the list of colors from 0.19.1.

primary: '#9E9E9E',
primary1: '#4d86f7',
primary2: '#6296f9',
secondary: '#8F0CE8',
secondary2: '#00B233',
secondary3: '#00FF48',
grey0: '#393e42',
grey1: '#43484d',
grey2: '#5e6977',
grey3: '#86939e',
grey4: '#bdc6cf',
grey5: '#e1e8ee',
dkGreyBg: '#232323',
greyOutline: '#bbb',
searchBg: '#303337',
disabled: '#dadee0',
white: '#ffffff',
error: '#ff190c',


  • Props small, medium, large, xlarge have been removed. Usage is now size="small" etc. #1098


  • wrapperStyle prop has been removed - use containerStyle prop instead (#1545)
  • badgeStyle prop replaces previous behaviour of containerStyle prop (#1545)
  • element prop which was undocumented is removed - use value prop instead (#1545)
  • can no longer render children - instead use value prop which now supports rendering react components (#1545)


  • By default on Android there's no more elevation (#1538). To get elevation, use the raised prop.
  • Renamed textStyle to titleStyle
  • Renamed containerViewStyle to containerStyle
  • Removed props transparent and outline (#1540). Instead use the type prop.
// Transparent
<Button type="clear" />

// Outline
<Button type="outline" />
  • Removed props secondary, secondary2, secondary3, primary1, primary2, backgroundColor. Use the buttonStyle prop to set the background color.
  • Removed iconComponent prop. If you want to use a different Icon component - the icon prop supports custom elements.
  • Removed loadingRight prop. Loading indicator displays without title. May re-add in future.
  • Removed borderRadius prop. To control the border radius use the buttonStyle prop.
  • Removed props color, fontSize, fontWeight, and fontFamily. Instead use the titleStyle prop to set attributes for the title.
  • Removed large prop. May re-add in future.


  • disableSelected prop has been removed (#1587)


  • fontFamily prop is deprecated - instead use titleStyle prop (#1659)
  • flexDirection prop is deprecated - instead use wrapperStyle prop (#1659)


  • FormInput been renamed to Input (#497)

    • clearText method renamed to clear
    • textInputRef and containerRef props removed
    • normalizeFontSize prop removed. You can use the normalize helper along with the inputStyle prop to normalize font sizes.
  • FormLabel has been removed. This is now built into the Input component by use of label prop. Props labelStyle and labelProps can be used to customize it.

  • FormValidationMessage has been removed. This is now built into the Input component by use of errorMessage prop. Props errorStyle and errorProps can be used to customize it.

  • Props innerContainerStyles, outerContainerStyles removed #1221. Instead use the containerStyle prop for main styling, along with props leftContainerStyle, centerContainerStyle, and rightContainerStyle when needed.

SearchBar now supports different platform styles! To get an iOS or Android themed SearchBar, use the platform prop. platform="ios" or platform="android"

  • noIcon prop removed. Instead to remove the search icon use the searchIcon prop. E.g searchIcon={null}
  • showLoadingIcon prop renamed to showLoading #837
  • containerRef prop removed


  • List component has been removed! List was just a regular React Native View with some small margin styles. It wasn't actually needed to use the ListItem component. Instead we recommend using the FlatList or SectionList components from React Native which function both as Views and also displaying items, pull to refresh and more.
  • If you want to apply the same styles that the List component provided prior to 1.0, see this comment.


  • leftIconOnPress, leftIconOnLongPress, leftIconUnderlayColor, and leftIconContainerStyle, removed. The leftIcon prop can accept props.
leftIcon={{ name: 'home', onPress: () => alert('hello') }}
  • avatar, avatarStyle, avatarContainerStyle, roundAvatar, and avatarOverlayContainerStyle removed. Avatars can now be customized using the rightAvatar and leftAvatar props which can either render a custom element or an object that describes the props from Avatar.
title: 'MD',
rounded: false,
containerStyle: { margin: 5 },
onPress: () => alert('hey'),
rightAvatar={{ title: 'DW', onLongPress: () => alert('hey') }}
  • wrapperStyle prop removed. Use the containerStyle prop instead.
  • titleNumberOfLines, subtitleNumberOfLines, and rightTitleNumberOfLines props removed. Use the titleProps, rightTitleProps, and subtitleProps props to pass props for each..
<ListItem titleProps={{ numberOfLines: 4 }} />
  • hideChevron removed. Use the chevron prop instead. However, the behaviour is swapped hideChevron={true} behaves like chevron={false}
  • chevronColor removed. The chevron prop now can accept an object describing it's appearance.
<ListItem chevron={{ color: 'pink' }} />
  • fontFamily removed. Use the titleStyle and subTitleStyle props to set change the text styling
  • titleContainerStyle removed. Use the titleStyle prop instead.
  • rightTitleContainerStyle removed. Use the rightTitleStyle prop instead.
  • subtitleContainerStyle removed. Use the subtitleStyle prop instead.
  • label prop removed.
  • switchButton, onSwitch, switchDisabled, switchOnTintColor, switchThumbTintColor, switchTintColor, and switched removed. Instead use the switch prop wich accepts an object describing its props.
  • textInput,textInputAutoCapitalize,textInputAutoCorrect,textInputAutoFocus,textInputEditable,textInputKeyboardType,textInputMaxLength,textInputMultiline,textInputOnChangeText,textInputOnFocus,textInputOnBlur,textInputSelectTextOnFocus,textInputReturnKeyType,textInputValue,textInputSecure,textInputStyle,textInputContainerStyle,textInputPlaceholder removed. We now expose a single input prop which accepts an object describing its props.
  • onPressRightIcon removed. Use the rightIcon prop which can accept an object now describing its props.
<ListItem rightIcon={{ name: 'home', onPress: () => console.log('clicked') }} />


  • titleFont removed. Use the titleStyle prop instead to customize the title. #1231
  • pricingFont removed. Use the pricingStyle prop instead to customize the price. #1231
  • infoFont removed. Use the infoStyle prop instead to customize the info. #1231
  • buttonFont removed. Use the button prop with a buttonStyle key to set this.
<PricingCard button={{ buttonStyle: { fontFamily: 'Arial' } }} />


  • fontFamily prop is removed - instead use style prop (#1659)

New features​

  • Support for React Native Web - read more on it here (#1664)
  • Theming support across components - easily build light & dark modes and theme your components from one place (#1454)
  • New <Image /> Component - displays images with a placeholder and smooth image load transitioning (#1582)
  • New <Input /> Component - a branch new and improved replacement for <FormInput /> (#497)
  • New withBadge HOC allows you to easily add badges to icons and other components (#1604)
  • New "mini badge" with the <Badge /> component - Perfect for status indicators and notifications #1545
  • New Tap Rating <AirbnbRating /> component - powered by react-native-ratings (#1671)
  • Platform-specific <SearchBar /> component - drop-in usage with native look and feel (#837)
  • <Slider /> Component - supports vertical orientation (#1698)
  • Button types! Easily have solid, clear, and outline buttons with one prop. (#1540)
  • Background image support in the <Header /> (#1556)
  • Add support for AntDesign icons (#1529)

Assorted fixes & improvements​

  • Updated react-native-vector-icons peerDependency to >4.2.0
  • Expose helpers methods that are used internally
  • Close to 100% types coverage
  • Docs
    • Add descriptions for every Component (#1527)
    • Add central place to show supported icon sets (#1532)
    • Added Showcase section to display apps using RNE (#1704)

Ecosystem and web support​

Independent Projects​

Web Support​

Lastly, here is the RNE v1 release in numbers:

  • 470 commits (with over 272 PR's)
  • 371 files changes (52,920 additions and 32,737 deletions)
  • Over 80 contributors
  • Over \$1500 awarded to contributors

Thanks for reading! Feel free to share this post if you enjoyed reading it.

If you run into any trouble using RNE, please open a new issue here. Also if you want to support us, you can contribute to our Open Collective here.